Leather Wall Coverings

Hide Wall Coverings
Sherazade Design in Grey & Beige Mixed

Leather Wall Covering Panels
Large Brown & White Hide Panels

Hair on Hide Wall Panels
Light Exotic Hides – Large Patches

Hide Wall Covering Panels
Off White Tango Design

Dyed Cowhide Wall Panel
Fuchsia Devore Patchwork

Cowhide Wall Coverings
Grey & Beige Hide Stripes

Hide Wall Covering Panels
Brown & White Hides

Leather Wall Coverings
Woven Leather for Doors

Leather Wall Coverings
Grey Patchwork Panel

Leather Wall Coverings
Woven Leather Panels

Hide Wall Coverings
Large Off White Tiles

Hair on Hide Wall Coverings
White Exotic Patchwork Wall Panel

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Pampa Leather Corp. is a Canadian company creating exquisite, hand-crafted leather wall coverings – hair on hide and non-hair on hide – out of South America.
Our collection comprises a wide array of designs including natural, dyed and metallic hide colors, as well as woven leather, large cowhide tiles and custom and oversized Leather Wall Covering Panels.
Most of the designs in our Cowhide Rug collection are also available as Wall Covering Panels, and we can even match Hide Walls with Cowhide Rugs designs and colors.