Our Company

Pampa Leather Corp. is a Canadian company dedicated to creating exquisite, handcrafted custom made products out of South America. We sell Hide Wall Coverings, custom cowhide rugs, as well as large and oversized hair-on-hide patchwork cowhide rugs to customers in the U.S., across Canada and around the world.

Inspired by the many enterprising Italians who re-started their traditional family businesses at the turn of the twentieth century, in early 2002, following 25 years in the Argentine tanning industry, Pampa Leather Corp. was established.

The Pampas in South America are renowned for producing some of the highest quality hides in the world, and in the hands of our expert artisans these are transformed into one-of-a-kind leather rugs— favored by designers and industry leaders alike.

Our wide array of designs include natural, dyed, metallic, laser cut and animal print cowhides, as well as an extensive array of traditional hair-on-hide and eco-friendly leather rugs.

Given our unique ability to create custom made pieces, we are pleased to work one on one with our clients to produce completely bespoke rugs that are true works of art. Beyond traditional rectangular, square and round designs, we are able to shape our luxurious rugs to suit any project– if you can imagine it, we can make it.

Rodolfo Scarpati - Pampa Leather Corp. President