Rodolfo Scarpati - Pampa Leather Corp. President

Rodolfo Scarpati is the founder and President of Pampa Leather Corp., specializing in premium custom hide wall coverings and cowhide rugs from South America, servicing a global client base with a focus on the United States.

With an extensive background in Finance, and a passion for the craftsmanship of South American artisans, Rodolfo has led Pampa Leather to become a prominent name in the luxury interior design industry.

Specializing in custom projects for commercial, residential and hospitality clients, his commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices has not only shaped the company’s ethos but has also established it as a trusted purveyor of high-quality, responsibly-sourced cowhides.

Rodolfo has a love for general aviation, having been a private pilot for 50 years.

He lives in Oakville, Ontario with his wife Veronica.